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” Aled was the best help I could have asked for in the run up to my leaving cert, as I had an extreme lack of motivation. He spent a long time chatting with me, trying to work out the reasons for my lethargy and procrastination! He gave me heaps of tips and things to so regarding my study plans, exercise and diet. Aled was such a huge help for me and really supplied me with the tools to have the confidence and focus I needed to get through my exams. Thank you Aled ”   Student at Rathdown Girls School, Dublin

This is just the start and lets put energy into our lives, train hard, ask “why” and be the best you can be.
The first link is to a Health Log which I would like you to print off and fill in every day. It’s about SMART goals and hopefully it will help us along this journey we are all taking together.
Health Log – Please click here for your personal health log.

Effort helps you reach your Goals

Positive Attitude

Motivation & Goal Setting

Dream Big

Best of Usain Bolt

Extreme Kite & Windsurfing Hawai

Coaches Corner

How to teach multi directional running to young children and how being SMART can help you achieve your goals quicker, and kids to run faster quicker.

EStrength Training for Children