Classes for 3 – 11 year olds who want to learn motor skills and fundamental movement skills, which are vital for long term success in other sports.


Co-Dex Kids is a FUNdamental movement skills programme for children aged 3 – 11 years old that focuses on developing a child athletic ability through learning the fundamentals of sport and motor skill development in an environment of positive teaching and creative based teaching styles.

All children should learn the FMS before starting to learn sports specific movements. Fundamental motor skills or fundamental movement skills are the BASICS of becoming a great athlete.



Codex Sports Packs are €135.00 per pack. The video shows you a few activities you can do with the pack in the back yard, back garden, out on the lawn, up in the park etc. Please contact us at info@aledhughes.ie to order a pack.


 Read more about Codex Kids


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Speed 4 Sports Summer 2016 Camps

  Please click on the heading above for our summer speed camps.


Classes for 6-16 year olds who want to learn to run correctly and FASTER within team sports and athletics.   home-speed4sports-logo-tametable-button Speed4Sports is dedicated to helping athletes reach the highest level of acceleration and speed of running possible. We aim to help you understanding all about faster running.

Download – Speed4Sports Camps 2016

Linear and multi directional speed is taught and is designed for your specific sport whether it is rugby speed, tennis speed, soccer speed, gaelic speed, basketball speed or track speed. Speed development, sprint training for kids and running faster is what we aim to develop for all our athletes.

Read more about Speed4Sports

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Inspirational Video —  Running in the Rain

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