Classes for 3 – 11 year olds who want to learn motor skills and fundamental movement skills, which are vital for long term success in other sports. Please click on the Codex Kids image below for our weekly timetable of classes.

Co-Dex Kids is a FUNdamental movement skills programme for children aged 3 – 11 years old that focuses on developing a child athletic ability through learning the fundamentals of sport and motor skill development in an environment of positive teaching and creative based teaching styles, using Bilateral Intergration and Codex360 interventions to help stimulate the cognitive and physical development of the child.
Classes for 6-16 year olds who want to learn to run correctly and FASTER within team sports and athletics. Please click the Speed4Sports image below for our weekly class timetable.

Speed Kills in sport and when we watch modern day athletes on television we see blistering pace and acceleration.

The good news is that speed is a skill which can be learnt. Through our progressive and systematic approach we help your child run faster. But importantly we see mindfulness as a very important aspect of any child’s development and we also help enhance your child’s awareness of self confidence, self esteem, relaxation, sleeping awareness, rest and play time, dedication and self control.

Developing the whole child is a key component to our programme

Speed4Sports is dedicated to helping athletes reach the highest level of acceleration and speed of running.

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Codex360 is dedicated to helping children reach their full potential. Aled uses Bilateral Integration and Codex360 interventions to help young children.

This unique programme is designed to develop coordination and balance, to integrate the sensory systems and to stimulate the neurological links between movement and cognition.

Bilateral Motor Integration involves the ability to co-ordinate the two body sides and develop lateralisation using simultaneous and contralateral movements of the two sides, facilitating maturation of the central nervous system to the benefit of co-ordination and sensory integration.(Dobie 2009)

Bilateral Integration stimulates neural organisation of the brain and connections between the brain and the body. Just as the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, the left side of the brain controls the right side. Poor communication between both sides results in disintegrated functioning.