There is no substitute for pace, and in the early days my athletics coach used to work on my acceleration Jonathon Davies

Run Correctly ……….. Run FASTER

All our classes are designed to help children & teenagers to

  • Run Faster for their specific sport
  • Learn about the correct techniques, and how to run, and how to run faster
  • Have FUN in a group class or during a one 2 one private session
  • Become Stronger
  • Gain a strong level of fitness
  • Become more active

In today’s sports the faster and more agile players on the field or court have a distinct advantage over the other players. If one player can change direction faster than the opposing players, they will be elusive in their movements and therefore will have an easier time scoring baskets, goals or tries. If the player is faster then the defence, their chances of being caught from behind are minimised, once again making it easier for them to score in whatever sport they are playing. If the player is on defense they will be able to get to the ball quicker and make players faster. The faster defender will catch other players from behind, steal more balls or make more plays. Speed and Agility are key ingredients to success in today’s sports. We reach children all about running faster.

Speed and Agility can be developed and it can be enhanced

With the right training and hard work at our running school, an individual can make themselves much faster and more agile than they already are. The key to improving speed is systematical and progressive. There is no overnight magic.

  • We work with athletes from all sports, and we work with all ages and abilities.
  • To see the above in action please follow the page link to Video Clips of Speed4Sports.

Aled Hughes (Speed Coach) takes all the classes presently in Dublin, Ireland

Congratulations to Sarahon coming first in the National Juvenille Cross Country Championships Under 11 category. Out of 147 competitors she came home 1st. This is an amazing result. Well done. sarah also won the Dublin championships in November. She has been training with Aled for the past few months and the time, effort and hard work has paid off.

Why Children and Teenagers come to our weekly classes?

Aled Hughes is Director of Coaching at Mount Merrion Athletics Club which is an athletics club based in Dublin, Ireland. Athletics in Ireland is a fast growing sport and in 2013 Aled decided to bring a group of parents together to develop the idea of stating a new athletics club. The athletics club teaches young children how to run, jump and throw and presently has 125 members. As the speed and power coach Aled wants all the children to learn how to run correctly, run faster, jump higher and throw further.

Athletics is great at developing “athletic” young children and being associated with Athletics Ireland and having recognised athletics coaches within the club we are creating a great community club.

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