” EVERYONE can RUN faster ” 
We teach you how !


Speed4Sports works with children on getting them to :

  • Run Faster with the correct technique.
  • Move quicker over a short space
  • Change direction quicker
  • Getting stronger
  • Develop flexibility and ROM (range of motion)
  • Isometric Training

There are two ways to work with us

  1. Private 1 – 2- 1 sessions . This is where you book a coach for 45 minutes and you work exclusively with Aled Hughes on developing an area of Speed which you want to develop . The cost of the private sessions ranges from €90-€150 per session. Your child will be tested physically , then video analysis will take place of their acceleration and top end speed. After this a plan / intervention can be started. If your interested in these sessions please what’s app us on 0876189053. If you’d like to talk to Aled about your child, you can do a telephone consultation for a fee.
  2. Group Speed Classes – these classes run weekly with 15-28 children per class working on speed, athletic development , change of direction , deceleration , fun games. This is a group session and not individual based training.

Our weekly group classes help young children with the above in a fun based group class. All details of our classes are on the home page with group classes running from September to May each year. During the mid term breaks/holidays we run Teen Speed Camps, Master Classes & Speed & Skills camps in Dublin. All details are on the home page.


These are some of the athletes that have worked within Speed 4 Sports in the past 15 years



Gymnastics Video 


There is no substitute for pace, and in the early days my athletics coach used to work on my acceleration
Jonathon Davies

Speed and Agility can be developed and it can be enhanced, with  the right training and hard work at our running school, an individual can make themselves much faster and more agile than they already are. The key to improving speed is systematical and progressive. There is no overnight magic.

  • We work with athletes from all sports, and we work with all ages and abilities.
  • To see the above in action please follow the page link to Video Clips of Speed4Sports.

Aled Hughes (Speed Coach) takes all the classes presently in Dublin, Ireland

Congratulations to Sarahon coming first in the National Juvenille Cross Country Championships Under 11 category. Out of 147 competitors she came home 1st. This is an amazing result. Well done. sarah also won the Dublin championships in November. She has been training with Aled for the past few months and the time, effort and hard work has paid off.

Why Children and Teenagers come to our weekly classes.

Aled is presently writing his own book for parents to help their children with Speed. 

This will be available as an ebook in September 2024

“Sprinting to Success: A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Your Child How to Run Faster”

Chapter 1: Understanding the Basics of Running

– Explaining the importance of running in a child’s development
– Introducing different types of running (sprinting, endurance, agility)
– Identifying key muscles used in running and their role in speed

Chapter 2: Building a Strong Foundation

– Emphasizing the importance of proper warm-up and stretching routines
– Introducing basic running techniques such as posture, arm movement, and foot placement
– Incorporating fun games and drills to improve coordination and agility

Chapter 3: Training Methods for Speed Improvement

– Designing age-appropriate training plans tailored to your child’s abilities and goals
– Implementing interval training to increase speed and endurance
– Incorporating strength training exercises to enhance muscle power and stability

Chapter 4: Mental Preparation and Motivation

– Teaching your child the importance of mental toughness and positive mindset
– Setting realistic goals and tracking progress to stay motivated
– Encouraging perseverance and resilience in the face of setbacks

Chapter 5: Nutrition and Recovery

– Providing guidance on proper nutrition for optimal performance and recovery
– Emphasizing the importance of hydration and balanced meals
– Introducing effective recovery strategies such as rest, foam rolling, and massage

Chapter 6: Injury Prevention and Safety

– Educating parents and children on common running injuries and how to prevent them
– Emphasizing the importance of proper footwear and equipment
– Teaching safe running practices and the importance of listening to your body

Chapter 7: Balancing Training with Life


– Discussing the importance of balancing sports training with academics, social activities, and rest
– Providing tips for time management and prioritization
– Emphasizing the value of a well-rounded childhood experience

Chapter 8: Supporting Your Child’s Journey

– Creating a supportive and encouraging environment for your child’s athletic pursuits
– Celebrating achievements and milestones along the way
– Emphasizing the lifelong benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle

Conclusion: Empowering Your Child for Success

– Reflecting on the journey of teaching your child how to run faster
– Encouraging ongoing learning and growth in both athletics and life
– Inspiring parents and children to continue pursuing their dreams with passion and determination


Aled Hughes is Director of Coaching at Mount Merrion Athletics Club which is an athletics club based in Dublin, Ireland. Athletics in Ireland is a fast growing sport and in 2013 Aled decided to bring a group of parents together to develop the idea of stating a new athletics club. The athletics club teaches young children how to run, jump and throw and presently has 125 members. As the speed and power coach Aled wants all the children to learn how to run correctly, run faster, jump higher and throw further.