One to One Sessions

We work with young athletes on a daily basis. Children aged from 4 years old to 16 years old are taught on a one to one basis on how to develop and increase their levels of athleticism. We want to help develop better athletes through skill development in:


Codex Kids Sessions

  • co-ordination
  • motors skills, catching
  • throwing
  • sending and receiving skills
  • running correctly and running faster
  • and much more

Codex 360 Sessions

  • Bilateral Integration
  • Confidence building exercises
  • Motor Skill Development
  • Physical Literacy
  • Executive Functions
  • Pattern and Sequencing
  • Body awareness of oneself, others, space and time
  • Overcoming difficult problems

For more details on these one to one sessions please contact Aled directly.

Our session fees are as follows :


  • 30 minutes outdoor/indoor session with Aled Hughes – €60 per session
  • 45 minute outdoor/indoor session with Aled Hughes – €90 per session


  • 45 minute outdoor/indoor session with Stuart – €50 per session
  • 30 minute outdoor/indoor session with Stuart – €35 per session


Rules & Policies
  • Be at the venue 5-10 minutes early and come into the hall 3 minutes before your class starts and sit on the benches.
  • Have a water bottle with you at every class.
  • Parents are welcome to stay in the class but no interaction / feedback with your child is necessary.
  • With this programme we find that child and parent independence is required so after a few weeks the parents should stay outside the hall.
  • If you are late arriving at the end of the class, your child will be sitting inside the hall until you arrive.
  • Each week videos will be sent to you via what’s app in regards to 3 minute at home exercises to do during the week. These do need to be practiced during the week.
  • Please note that all sessions are paid in advance. Either 6 or 7 weeks depending on all school holidays.
    • If Aled cancels a session then you are reimbursed with an extra session.
    • You must give Aled 5 days notice if you are unavailable to make a session as the hall is payable in advance. If notice is not given you will be charged for the session.
  • During certain weekends in the year Aled will be away and notice will be given well in advance. This happens during rugby international matches, World Cups or windsurfing events. Im only here once, and therefore I am going to enjoy my time also on this planet.

Please contact us at info@aledhughes to arrange a private 1-2-1 session.

The below video shows Aled working with individuals and groups.