Participating in Codex360 will facilitate measurable changes in movement capabilities, motor skills, educational and personal benefits.

Kohen-Raz (1996) in reviewing the extensive literature in this field draws together the common aspect pf psycho-motor training programmes as being significant in terms of exercises but fundamentally believes it fosters cognitive and academic skills.

Developing the central nervous system through simultaneous and contralateral movements of the two sides ( across the mid line of the body) will benefit the coordination and sensory integration within the whole person.

Participation in such a programme can  –

increase sensory integration, enhance co-ordination, spatial awareness, multi tasking , stimulates body awareness, general balance,

The exercises are simple enough to practise at home and with the advanced home tutorial videos parents can do these 3-6 minute exercises at home. With its systematic and progressive approach Codex360 helps parents and children ease their way through the programme which makes it simple and fun to integrate into your daily life.

What is Dyspraxia

Children with dyspraxia tend to struggle with balance and posture. They may appear clumsy or “out of sync” with their environment and may have issues with muscle tone.

It can affect the development of gross motor skills like walking or jumping. Gross meaning the bigger muscle group and bigger action groups. It can also affect fine motor skills. Fine meaning smaller muscles and actions.These include things like the hand movements needed to write clearly and the mouth and tongue movements needed to pronounce words correctly.

Bilateral Integration

” Children who do not develop minimal levels of coordination or neuro-muscular control will experience difficulty or failure when confronted with formal academic tasks ” Getman, G.N (1984)

Within our programme, children and adults can enhance their neuro-developmental pathways. The programme is systematic and progressive and can be used with children who have developmental learning difficulties and can help fine-tune elite athletes in any sport that want to develop automised integrative abilities which support performance.

” movement is food for the brain “

What does Codex360 entail

We work closely with your child on a one to one basis by working through our through multi- sensory programme. Our classes are based in Dublin, Ireland but we do reach out to clients in Europe, Asia, China and rest of the world through private sessions and workshops.

  1. We assess each child when they start the programme.
  2. The children meet us once to twice a week in a private session
  3. Children follow a 5 minute a day activity programme at home. This is specific to your child
  4. Each child is re-tested every 8 weeks to see what progress is being made.

As a qualified Physical Education teacher and an FMS specialist we have worked with hundred of children within our weekly classes and now we want to help more children and parents within Ireland. Aled is presently in the middle of doing his MASTERS DEGREE in Specific Learning Difficulties. With his first module, he completed an essay where he had to critically discuss interventions that are suitable for individuals with Dyspraxia / Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD).