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Telephone Consultation

Aled will happily discuss your child, your child’s requirements for 5 minutes for free.

As a self employed professional movement / sports coach specialising in skill acquisition/ motor skill development / training programmes / Dyspraxia / Specific Learning Difficulties / working with professional athletes his knowledge base is vast and therefore his time is precious.

If you would like to discuss further your child’s training / their sporting ability / the issues your child  is facing, please arrange a telephone consultation with Aled.

How does this work ?

You text Aled on what’s app to arrange a telephone consultation.- 0876189053

Once an agreed day and time has been arranged, the fee is paid in advance by online transfer.

The fees are

  • 15 minute telephone consultation – €30
  • 30 minute telephone consultation – €60
  • 45 minute telephone consultation – €90
  • 60 minute telephone consultation – €120

When the transfer has been received, Aled will call you directly and he will happily discuss your child’s needs and requirements.

Phone: +353 876189053


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