Mentoring & Motivating

Mentoring & Motivating Me 

” I worked with Aled throughout my TY year, and what I learnt most was that Goal Setting, Planning, Structuring myself was not as difficult as i had originally thought. Aled explained it so easily and broke it all down into things that i was passionate about and therefore it was FUN. Aled really helped me physically but more importantly he made me believe in myself and he is great to be around. Student at Blackrock College, Dublin

” Aled was the best help I could have asked for in the run up to my leaving cert, as I had an extreme lack of motivation. He spent a long time chatting with me, trying to work out the reasons for my lethargy and procrastination! He gave me heaps of tips and things to so regarding my study plans, exercise and diet. Aled was such a huge help for me and really supplied me with the tools to have the confidence and focus I needed to get through my exams. Thank you Aled ”   Student at Rathdown Girls School, Dublin

” It was great to spend my TY year going to Aled. I will always remember the 3 things he kept telling me every week

  • Perfect practice makes PERFECT
  • Cause & Consequence
  •  SMART goals

Thanks Aled, and good luck with your Masters ” . Student at Mount Anville School.

Mentoring & Motivating Me 

What does this mean ?

” If you have a dream …. it will always stay in your head. Write it down, and the dream can come true !!!


Whilst physically training with Aled and work on specific areas that you’d like to improve on we also look to help you with ( and to understand)

Physical adaptation ( how to the body can be developed and changed)

Training programmes for Speed, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Stamina

The Brain and how it can be restructured and developed —-

  • Neuro Plasticity – what does this mean and how can it help me  
  • Intinsic and Extrinsic motivation 
  • Goal setting ( SMART)
  • measure, measure, measure
  • Writing down your goals and sticking to the task for ( a week, a month, a year )
  • Re-evaluating
  • How does self confidence work and how can it be further enhanced 
  • Mental Imagery and Visualisation 


We can cover as much or as little you want to do !


Positive Attitude

Motivation & Goal Setting

Dream Big

Best of Usain Bolt

Extreme Kite & Windsurfing Hawai

Coaches Corner

How to teach multi directional running to young children and how being SMART can help you achieve your goals quicker, and kids to run faster quicker.

EStrength Training for Children